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Our Story

Dear Friends in Christ,

Greetings in the most wonderful name of our Lord Jesus.

It is my honor to write to you about the Introduction of City Harvest Church Pakistan. It is our privilege, that God has given us the opportunity to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through Pakistan and its surroundings.

Evangelism among all nations

Evangelizing to the remote and the urban areas of Lahore and other parts of Pakistan.

Our Mission is: 

1. As you Go " Deliver"

2.Hearers Conversion:The effective communication of Gospel that result in solid conversion.

3.Believers Congregated: Gather Believers, organize them into a Church, introduced them a fellowship and discipline of the Local body.

4.Faith Confirmation:

we believe in the cofirmation of Faith as indicated in Math: 28;19-20 teach them the basic teaching of Christian Faith and how to live in the Kingdom of God.Develop spiritual Maturity and help believers discover their spiritual gifts and become functioning members of Body of Christ.

5. Leaders Consecration: Church develop leaders are spiritual, functional and effective for their geographic location.So we appoint them to peach the Gospel and make their own congregations. (Titus 1:5)

City College of Missions

We welcome to every new student who have a passions to do God's work and have a clear calling from God, join us free! The heart of our intention is as we desire to make our education attainable, rewarding and meaningful experience with a minimum of difficulty and financial resources.

City College of mission is generally offering totally free and regular program. Students enroll in our Free Program and are enjoying the benefits of our in-depth biblical foundational teaching that is enabling them to skillfully evangelize their world for Christ in a minimum amount of time. Students who accomplished last time ,some were already pastors who live in remote areas where there is not a local bible college and they desperately desire to be trained for the ministry

Giving Education to Needy People:  


We are Educating poor, helping them rising up their basic educational levels.

Jesus Christ Television Pakistan:

Jesus Christ Television is known as JCTV in Pakistan. it is Pakistan's first Christian Channel, presenting Jesus as savior 24/7 in Urdu language. it is most famous channel available in Lahore, Faisalabad, Karachi, Gojra,and Nankana and many other cities of Pakistan. It is also available live on internet 24/7 on 180 millions people are waiting for God's love and we are bringing that love to them, you can help us by your prayers andPlease see live Broadcast:

Jago Youth Club:

Upon great disinterest and misguidance of our Youth, City College of missions Pakistan has decided to organize a Youth club specially designed for our Community youth, to let them come to God, and have good relationship. This youth club is totally non-profit and has no mean to gain money, or inspire youth for any political, ethnic or any denominational agenda. The purpose to gather youth is only building strong relationship with the young people and enabling them to be tomorrow’s strong Christian.

It would be our honor if you can help us and pray for us to move on in such dynamic activities for advancement of the word of God in this Islamic republic of Pakistan.

Feel free to ask any question 


Rev. Obed Rauf 

Founder and Chairman

City Harvest Church Pakistan


City College of Missions

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