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Upon great disinterest and misguidance of our Youth, City Harvest Church Pakistan has decided to organize a Youth club specially designed for our Community youth, to let them come to God, and have good relationship. This youth club is totally non-profit and has no mean to gain money, or inspire youth for any political, ethnic or any denominational agenda. The purpose to gather youth is only building strong relationship with the young people and enabling them to be tomorrow’s strong Christian. 


The guidelines and the rules that follow here are aimed at explaining what can be done at Youth centers and what cannot be done.

The JAGO Community Youth Centre is a youth program designed to offer educational, recreational, and extracurricular opportunities for at risk teens, and youth ages 13 – 30. The JAGO Youth Centre is designed to build self confidence; self esteem, learn valuable life skills, make new friends and discover new interests, and have fun.

The Youth Centre is currently have one meeting fortnightly (after every 2 weeks), 7p.m – 8.30p.m .In order to attend the Jago Youth Centre meeting, Registration form must be completed online ( ) by a parent or by themselves prior to their attendance and meet with the Youth Coordinators.

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